In the Cedefop section “National news on VET”, the national ReferNet partners report to Cedefop about news, latest developments, interesting trends, etc. from the field of VET.

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  • Exceptional apprenticeship diploma - springboard for careers DE II EN



  • Monitoring apprenticeship graduates underlines the importance of training success DE II EN
  • Greening VET - Just Transition Action Plan DE II EN
  • Increasing requirements in apprenticeship training DE II EN
  • Mobility initiative for apprentices DE II EN



  • Austria: new apprenticeship programme to attract highly qualified learners EN
  • Austria: consolidating further and higher VET at tertiary level EN
  • Austria: company survey confirms severe shortage of skilled workers EN



  • New quality management in schools DE || EN
  • National Action Plan for Entrepreneurship Education. DE || EN
  • The Vienna training alliance model - aid for companies in the COVID-19 crisis. DE || EN



  • Vocational education and training during the corona crisis. DE || EN
  • New possibilitiy for part-time apprenticeship. DE || EN
  • Does Austria need a 'higher vocational education and training' education segment? DE || EN



  • Starting signal for the NQF allocation of non-legally regulated qualificaions: EN
  • MINT quality seal awarded to 120 education institutions: EN
  • Lifelong learning vital for Austrian companies: EN
  • Dual academy takes off: EN
  • Survey reveals different roles of in-company trainers: EN



  • Significant increases in CVET participation especially in small enterprises: EN
  • New skilled labour radar underlines VET importance: EN
  • Digitalisation promoted in new apprenticeship occupations: EN
  • More apprenticeship beginners and successful career start: EN



  • Increasing the visibility of non-formally and informally acquired competences: EN
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship in schools: EN
  • Private universities in Austria: EN
  • Migration and the labour market: EN
  • Dual VET modernisation aims to increase digitisation of the economy: EN
  • Educational reform brings increased autonomy: EN
  • Quality assurance in Higher VET: EN
  • NQF as a catalyst for qualification and quality: EN



  • New law on training up to the age of 18: EN
  • Master craftsperson qualification success show by survey: EN
  • Dual vocational education and training - a successful VET pathway: EN
  • New format for the final exam in higher vocational education: EN
  • NQF law enters into force: EN



  • Learning outcome-oriented curricula for adult educators: EN
  • Evaluation of adult education initiative: EN
  • Education and labour market integration of refugees in Vienna: EN
  • Coaching and counselling for apprentices and training companies: EN
  • European guidelines on quality assurance in tertiary VET: EN



  • Getting ready for education and training with AusbildungsFit (AFit): EN
  • Individual learning support: EN


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