What are the objectives pursued by ReferNet?

ReferNet aims to portray the diversity of VET systems in Europe and report on major innovations and central themes related to VET and VET policies. The goal is to make information accessible to national and European VET stakeholders as well as to the interested public. By applying specifications on contents and standardised reporting structures it is possible to compare the information made available by the national ReferNet teams.


Which institutions are involved in ReferNet Austria?

The ReferNet Austria consortium comprises two institutions: ibw Austria - Research & Development in VET is the coordinator of the consortium and – jointly with öibf - Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training – is responsible for carrying out the annual work programme laid down by Cedefop.


What are the tasks of ReferNet Austria?

In line with the specifications of Cedefop, ReferNet Austria fulfils the following tasks:

  • preparation of reports and expert opinions related to topics of the Austrian VET system and policy
  • description of the Austrian VET system
  • production of analyses on key aspects of VET
  • formation of networks between national and European researchers


What does ReferNet Austria offer?

  • You can download all the information prepared in Austria by clicking on the publications section on the ReferNet Austria website.
  • The website also gives you access to all publications from the other EU Member States and from Norway and Iceland.
  • The VET in Austria section contains information about the Austrian VET system and a compilation of major indicators and statistics.
  • In addition, the website informs about other interesting websites as well as relevant publications and events in Austria and Europe.


How is ReferNet Austria funded?

The activities of ReferNet Austria are cofinanced by Cedefop and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

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